Popcorn Mag Issue #5 Out Now

This Month In Popcorn Magazine, we cover Thirteen Reasons Why and our travel writer Mitchell looks into Japan from a very different angle.

THIRTY: Get Your S#@T Together

Your husband/partner has morphed into a hairy behemoth with an inability to find the laundry basket, you’re single and wondering if you’ll ever find (or even want) someone to spend your life with, you’re not falling pregnant.

Life In The Matrix

Demonstrating the raw power of music, Logan Byrnes has released his new single titled “Glitch”, mixing a deep and meaningful message with catchy techno-pop beats.


Have you ever noticed recently that there has been an influx of autistic/Asperger’s characters appearing on television?


Popcorn Magazine was invited to the Sydney premiere of the highly anticipated film Power Rangers Movie, starring Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston.


As young people, we either all remember, or all look forward to, that time when we’ll be old enough to drink and party, but young enough to still not have much responsibility.