The hit Australian Series breathes new light onto the big screen after leaving the small screen almost three years ago. I do have to say that I was more of a fan of this series then i previously expected.

In this adaptation Miranda Otto plays Madeline Moncur a choreographer who is auditioning dancers to take to New York to become part of the New York Fringe Festival as we follow the live of Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin) who is an incredible dancer trying to find her feet.

The films looks at the real world implications that dance has and the obsession of success that young dancers have in the industry and the film doesnt hide away from the complexities of the plot as we see Tara’s world fall apart as the obsession of dance becoming unhealthy, as the world starts to crumble down around her from her relationships to the deepening divide of friendships to become obsession. Think Black Swan expect this one is aimed at Children and way less crazy.

i was invited to the press/public advanced screening of the film which was surrounded by fans of the film and you could tell that they were excited about the plot and it was a fun and energetic film for the whole of audience in Cinema 4.

The film has amazing cinematography and incredible sound design, having moments of sheer intensity, and fear harking back to the obsession that Tara’s relationship with dance is.

The dance sequences are peformed so well and they are shot beautifully. Shoutout to Keiynan Lonsdale coming back to the role that put him on the map who is now in The CW series The Flash.

Engaging into themes of PTSD, depression, obsession, relationship problems, cancer. Dance Academy has brought together the best in acting and dance to make a really make a really fun ride for audiences, this is clearly a passion project that has not just revitalised the the franchise, but has now advertised the world of dance to a newer generation.

I cant tell you how much i enjoyed this film, its an incredibly fun, sad, dramatic film that clearly has respect for the artform that gave them all jobs.

Overall this movie was amazing and i throughly enjoyed the film. All the cast was amazing and the film very much reignite my love in the franchise of Dance Academy. P

I would give Dance Academy 8/10.