Popcorn Magazine was invited to the Sydney premiere of the highly anticipated film Power Rangers Movie, starring Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston, was it good? read more below! I am also giving a Spoiler Warning since i will be covering some of the film in this review. 

Power Rangers starts seriously hard right out the gate, with the Power Rangers fighting an unknown enemy as the Yellow Ranger dies in front of Zordon (Bryan Cranston) and Rita (Elizabeth Banks) is the green ranger seen fully head to toe in the ranger suit, and not the green ranger costume you see in the trailer.

The film then shifts to present day and we are introduced to our five ‘heroes’ and their own unique situations, Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Zack (Ludi Lin), Trini (Becky G), Kimberley (Naomi Scott) and Billy (RJ Cyler) all have very different and interesting situations that kept the movie fresh and engaging. Billy blowing up his lunchbox, Jason totalling his car, Kimberley punching someones teeth out, Trini who is just troubled, Zack who was new. The story was mainly focused on the three characters at Angel Grove High and the detention class of the Saturday people. I have heard people talk about the Breakfast Club, It seems a lot like it. We don’t get to see a lot of Zack and Trini, but what we do get to see of them is pretty good, all the characters really reflect back to the original in the way its different character, different story, different issue. This is an updated story of the rangers, there is no doubt about that. I love the themes of this movie, they much harken back to the themes that made power rangers such as cult staple back in the early 90s, but because of the way that the world has progressed and the breaking down of taboos, the ranger stories have been a lot more human and more relatable to people in this generation.

After Jason and Billy tress pass into a quarry this is when you know the plot is about to turbo charge and go all goes crazy, and that is when I feel in love with Billy, the autistic one of the group has a massive rant to Jason about how he does not understand any jokes. Billy and i love share that in common and its nice to see yourself represented on screen. It was cool, it never felt like he was making fun of the character’s human flaw since birth. I love Naomi’s version of Kimberley, the way she connects with Jason on the hill of the quarry, is actually a really fun two hander between the two protagonists on top of Angel Grove. She is kickass, she is ruthless and you can tell she had fun in that role.

When we get to meet Rita, the villain of the film, you are treated with a character that is incredibly well performed and produced, but does not have much subtext besides, let me destroy the world which kind of annoyed me, I think that this could of been better served, especially with the amount of subtext and depth that the rangers had received in their stories. However Rita is scary in this, and the cinematography, effects and script still give me nightmares, god willing what it would of looked like if it was in 3D, i will let the people who have seen the film understand which bit in the film i am talking about. Banks adds a chilling level of humour to the role as you see her transform piece by piece into the crazy determined alien who is trying to destroy the ranger’s planet.

One of the thing i got really annoyed watching this film was the clearly corporate nature of the plot. I get why it was used, but it just felt like this is clearly a marketing ploy for that donut shop. I just like it could of been scripted, if that was thrown on the cutting room floor. It just served the purpose of a cheap advert, which takes you out of the film. For its duration of two hours and four minutes, that could of been one thing that could been on the chopping block, but then I have to ask, the original length of the reboot was over 3 hours in length, so if this was not cut out, what was? and why didn’t this get added to it?

Apart from the obvious issues the film is good, it succeeds, and its fun. Its really fun. The acting is great, the script is cool, and everything succeeds. It really shows an elevation of what the Power Rangers brand can be for a new audience that may not of grown up with the franchise, while making sure that the die hard fans are understanding this film is for them, make no mistake, if your a fan of the franchise you will very much enjoy the film. The suits, which of course are a main focal point of the series as any fan would know, look slick, the colours really pop on screen.

My final thoughts are lets hope this movie gets a sequel, because that ending has definitely opened up some interesting potential plot points.

Overall I am going this movie a 6/10.


Photo: Lionsgate/Entertainment Weekly