While in Australia promoting her film Almost Adults at the Queer Screen Film Fest, Elise Bauman sat down with Popcorn Magazine to talk about the success of Carmilla, teaming up with fellow co-stars and whether or not she would become a YouTuber. 

Is this your first time in Australia? What do you love the most?

It is my first time in Australia; oh man it’s so beautiful here. I spent the day a couple of days ago, walking through the botanical gardens and walking along the water, watched the sunset at the Opera House. I love walking around new cities and not having a plan and finding new things to do.

I want to go back in time, before you started season one of Carmilla, were you approached with the script? Who told you about it and what was your first reaction to it?

It came to me like any regular audition actually. I got it through my agent and went out for it. Originally didn’t know it was going to be an LGBTIQ+ series, cause the scene that was the audition scene was between Laura and I, I originally auditioned for the role of Carmilla and Danny and I thought Danny was a guy and then I went to the audition and there was all women there and I was like this is Awesome! It came to me just through any regular audition process and I think I auditioned three times for it and I was called back for Laura and then just jumped into it, not really knowing much about web series or much about the internet world and all that side of things. It was definitely a big learning curve for me, but I’m happy it happened.

“It was definitely a big learning curve for me, but im really happy it happened”

Elise Bauman

So after completing Carmilla and being a part of the internet world, do you think you will ever think, why don’t I ever have my own YouTube channel? Do you have one now?

I don’t have a YouTube channel. It is something that has crossed my mind. YouTube creators put in so much work into their YouTube channels and people are pumping out so much content and right now my focus is on starting a career as an actor and so that is why my attention and energy has been going into, but I like appearing in my friends YouTube channels and doing creative things like that.

Did you ever think Carmilla was going to be this much of a success story? You have got people coming from all different places to meet you. That’s crazy.

It’s pretty nuts. I mean no one was expecting it to fly the way it did. We knew it was a niche market and people are craving content like that so we had an idea that it might be a little bit popular but it exceeded everyone’s expectations and we were really happy about everyone connects to it as much as they do.

On Season of Carmilla, you worked with Canadian Actor Enrico Colantoni from roles like Veronica Mars and Flashpoint, how was that?

It was incredible. It was one of the highlights of my time shooting season 3. He’s such an open heart and such a generous actor and we instantly connected when we first met and delved into that father daughter relationship. You know a lot of times you don’t really get to meet the actor who you are playing across from before you start filming, so we met up the night before we started filming. He was kind enough to come to set early at like midnight and meet me and it was just playtime from there on and he is such a fabulous actor and it was incredible to work with him.

Lets talk about the reason that your in Australia, Almost Adults. What is the film about?

It’s a coming of age story about two best friends who are graduating college and they have been kindred streets since they were kids, inseparable, there lives seem to be going on the same direction as they find themselves graduating college, one of them has been on a straight path, one has been in a relationship, comes from a rich family, her life starts to unravel a little bit, she breaks up with her boyfriend and then my character McKenzie comes out for the first time but doesn’t come out to her best friend and there is a little bit of tension between them and its basically about friendship, growing up and growing apart and growing back together. It’s a really lovely story.

And you team up with your Carmilla co-star Natasha, how did that all come about?

The director of Almost Adults approached me to audition for the film and I don’t think it was originally intended that we were going to be cast together, but we had a callback together and we had the privilege of working so close together and we already had a relationship established. It was really seamless to fall into that chemistry of being friends together and in our call back out chemistry was there already and our relationship was there already and it made sense to let us both be in this film and it worked really well and it really translates on screen. You can see the history of a friendship there, which you may not of gotten with an actor that was new.

Kyle Goldfinch is the Creator of Popcorn Magazine

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