Alden Peters is the creative force behind the film Coming Out. The film which looks into the personal account of his own coming out story and looking inro the conformities that the LGBTIQ community face while coming out.

Everyone in the queer community understands the awkwardness when your sitting at that moment of coming out and Alden’s Peters film Coming Out signals a continuing conversation about this awkward topic within the community. Popcorn Magazine spoke to Alden while he was in Australia at the Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival.

It’s a couple of days into his Australian Journey. Alden who is a New York City native is very socially and politically savvy and knowledgeable talks to me about the work that he is doing in this area and now is working for

“I wanted to make this film, cause there was no film out there like this, as I was searching for, when I came out of the closet.” The film is an honest portrayal of Alden’s coming out, its raw and at times completely unfiltered, its something that audiences worldwide can both relate to if you have known someone to go through this experience and that is really down to the success of Peters and Coming Out. It all comes down to the reliability to the audience story.

“I wanted to make this film, cause there was no film out there like this, as I was searching for, when I came out of the closet”.

Alden Peters

The session during Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival was a rollercoaster of craziness when it came to audience participation, from cheers to laughter to sad moments. You would never think that a story like this would bring out so much emotion out of an audience.

The film challenges so many pre notions about coming out about coming out and the queer community. “This is my experience of coming out of the closet.” Alden would say and people really warmed to it.

He talks to people like trans advcoate Janet Mock about the proposed gender roles, and the stereotypes of gender in the society and mainstream culture.

The stories that came out of the film’s release have been “extremely palpable” says Alden, talking about the film’s world premiere in Utah. He talks about the reactions of some viewers, some which challenged Alden.

Starting out from humble beginnings as a go pro, to a major studio release, Alden enjoys the pleasures and success of sharing his story.

After this Alden is now working on Femme a new short about feminine gay men which has been crowdfunded through Kickstarter, we wish Alden the best of luck with the next film.

You can watch Coming Out on iTunes now.