What do you a beautiful love struck gay guy and an emotionally straight boy have in common?Well they are both characters in the new film Something Like Summer.

Popcorn Magazine caught up with the two main stars of the film Davi Santos and Grant Davis to talk being in Australia for the world premiere, the film and what is next on their plate.

It’s Grant first time out of the United States, saying its a good place to start since we speak English, while Davi was on Australia’s doorstop New Zealand to shoot two seasons of his season of Power Rangers but never really came to Australia during a break from shooting, clearly an intense shooting schedule.

They were both here as part of Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival as new film Something Like Summer was having the world premiere at the festival. Popcorn Magazine was at the screening where the audience was cheering and having a good time. After the screening Grant announced that he is releasing a new album, which hopefully includes some of the amazing covers that he makes as part of his YouTube channel. Grant has produced the album he confessed in the interview, Grant said, “I have been working on this album for years, and i felt like this is a special time and a perfect time to come to release it and it actually worked out really well”. Grant said the music was going to be mostly covers and in the style of adult contemporary which he will lean a lot for the influences from bands such as The Eagles and The Beatles.

He got to work with a sensational writer who has written for people like Aerosmith and Lady Gaga, Diane Warren who had written some songs for him.

I think this is probably the time that i should put it out there that I work at the same festival that Grant and Davi were guests of, and because of that i feel like i got to know them really well.

I met Davi before the the seniors screening at the hub of our festival, where we talked with him and and his co star from Power Rangers Ryan Carter who played the villain in their season of the long running show and I met Grant a day or two before the screening of the film who came here with his mum, which was adorable.

The film is incredibly fun and a great ride with the two actors playing off each other in this very cute story.

“I think its a very pivotal coming of age story for a lot of people, it follows the story of love story of my character (Ben Bentley) over the period of twelve years and how it redefines and reforms him as a person and his life and how it helps him grow, it explores sexuality. The themes of the films are relatable” Grant says about the film. If you have watched the trailer for the film, you will know that Grant also sings in the film.

Grant explains, “ I have been working in music for a very long time from 10 years old in music and theatre and then moving to Los Angeles.”

“Somehow we managed to get the producers of Kinky Boots to take part in the music as well as the musical director.” Grant said about the inclusion ofHunter Arnold & Ciaran McCarthy to the film’s credits.

“I think its a very pivotal coming of age story for a lot of people”


Also as part of this incredible ensemble cast of Summer is the amazing Ben Baur who is in roles like Hunting Season and the new web series #Adulting, both of which i am obsessed with.Grant speaks highly of the career of Baur saying, “We were lucky to have him, his career in the gay community and the entertainment industry really took off right after we finished shooting.”

I wont lie watching the production diaries on facebook before even seeing the film, you really get a sense of unity from each of these actors, there is a respect and love of this film.

Davi, Grant and I had a massive conversation around a lot of different topics, I can clearly tell through our conversations in this particular interview as well as various sightings and connections through festival life that these guys are not just intellectually smart, but also just incredibly nice and genuine.

“Its a coming out film.. well its a coming out story in regards to someones sexuality, but its also a coming out story to someones art and identity.”


Davi says in our interview that sometimes sexuality can be a taboo subject for actors to face and he’s right, he goes on to say, that to be an actor is to be vulnerable.

I could never understand being in that media spotlight and being questioned about my sexuality all day every day, but i digress.

The film series is based on the books of Jay Bell which were released in 2011. I had the opportunity to see it twice during the festival period, and then once during the encore screening just a couple of days ago, The film is seriously fun and literally brought me to tears as a movie watcher.

You can clearly see that everyone on set had a blast making the film. The music of the film, filled my heart with emotion with the awesome renditions of songs from my teenage self.

Included in the film who i haven’t talked about is the incredible Ajiona Alexus who plays the amazing Allison Cross. She is the plotdriver of the script. She is the one that one would call the moral compass of the film. She is incredibly mature has her head in the right place which sometimes Ben’s character needs in this film. She is a beast at singing, who rocks out tunes like a young Jennifer Hudson.

Literally it was pleasure to get to know Davi and Grant through the festival period and hopefully we get to see them in Australia again with their next project.

This is an incredible film that everyone needs to see, even if its just for the fun level that the film has packed into it.



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